• Reel 2010

    This is a compilation of some of the Maya tools I have created and was able to show. 3dsMax reel still to come.

    If you want more details, check out the videos section.

  • Dirty Verty Node

    Language: C++ Maya API Node

    Summary: This C++ Maya API node is a compiled version of a Mel script, it assigns a color to a vert based on its convexity to the neighboring edges. This node can either use a color or take a Ramp node. It also includes an option to normalize the convexity values.

  • Normals Toolbox

    Language: MEL Script

    Summary: This tool is a collection of scripts that help modify the Normals vector on a given mesh. It included the Artisan paint tool to comb the Normals, Attract/Repel Normals using a target gizmo and a randomize function; these functions can be adjusted using the random variance and blend values.

  • Paint on Textures

    Language: MEL Script

    Summary: This is a fast tool for texture application based on the bin system in the hypershade. It will create a number a tabs containing the textures  found in those bins and through the use of artisan apply the materials to the model; an option is also included if you wish to normalize the painted face.

  • Paint UV Channels

    Language: MEL Script

    Summary: In conjunction with the MultiMaterial.Fx shader this tool displays the materials in a floating box ideal for quick artisan application. The 3 swatches represent the RGB values to be applied to the vertex color channel on application.