• Shift dragging files into Maya 2012

    Shift dragging files into Maya 2012 can be a risky business; it turns out that it will delete your file.

    So if you are after new ways of off-loading some of those pesky files that clutter your hard-drive simply shift drag them into Maya and all your dreams will come true. This works for even for Maya native files, they are imported then deleted from the source location. A simple restore from the recycling bin will cease your soon to be heart attack.

    Happy Undeleting!

  • Modifying project files in Visual Studio during pre-build




    So it turns out that Visual Studio uses the application’s cache if a file is open at build time instead of loading the file off disk…ok so this is good, when you want to save memory and speed up the build process. BUT when you are editing a source file that is being created/modified during the Pre-Build step, then you are in a little bit of trouble. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Perforce: Force update missing workspace files



    Q: So I’ve accidentally deleted some random local files and I have no idea which ones. How do I get the files back when Perforce thinks they are still in my local workspace? I don’t want to force update all the files, that would take way too long.

    A: Force update will do the trick, but it will take forever to pull the files down. With a little bit of digging in the documentation there is a way to diff your workspace against the Depot.


      p4 diff -sd //Depot/path/... > UpdateList.txt
      p4 -x UpdateList.txt sync -f

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